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April 2nd 2021



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 Divided Reigns aims to recreate and reenergize fans of old-school JRPG's back to the golden era of massive 2D worlds for your heroes to save with strategic gameplay and a memorable emotional storyline.  Every detail of the game has been painstakingly tweaked, removed, updated and analyzed to ensure the game fulfills the need for nostalgia, but also remains it's own original story with it's own gameplay enhancements. 

 Also sporting a brand new combat system in which even determining which physical attacks or even which weapon(s) to use matters, Divided Reigns promises to deliver a game to the seasoned JRPG player that will satisfy what they always felt deep down was needed with this genre back in the 90's just before the end of the great 2D era.  


  Development on Divided Reigns began on May 8th, 2017, two months after the release of NAG's first title, Einlanzer.  At that time, Nostalgia Addict Games was only Andrew Henke by himself and he intended to go back to writing fantasy novels after the release of Einlanzer due to the sheer amount of work it took to develop.  This changed when after searching the Steam rabbit hole for years to find that nostalgic itch he was desperately seeking, Adam Dover fresh off his first playthrough of Einlanzer was so impressed by the game reached out to Andrew with a collaboration pitch to make a new game. Planning went on for five months as a rough script was created at which time in game development began. 


  • 70+ hours in the main story
  • 3 game modes; easy, normal and hard.  
  • New, unique, and strategic battle system
  • Deep and emotional main story
  • Nine main playable characters each with character arcs that test who they are and develop over the course of the whole game
  • Regular post-release calendar events with unique rewards only available during the events


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Divided Reigns Credits

Andrew Henke - Storyline, battle-mechanics, javascript & characters
Adam Dover - Level design, background design, GUI & marketing

Nostalgia Addict Games